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Get a Grip On Your Numbers With Our Email Tracking Service

Track your emails to find out if they were read, link-clicked and replied to with
our email open tracker.

Track The Most Important Stats
In Your Prospecting

You can’t get a clear understanding of your sales numbers unless you track your emails.
Once you track email reads, link clicks, and replies, you can keep tweaking and improving until you’re happy with your stats.

You can even see recent activity, bounced emails, and which emails are set to go out next

Automate Actions With Tracked Emails

Get custom with dozens of followup automations based on tracked emails. For example, automatically send a follow-up email in two days if the prospect doesn’t reply.

Or, if your prospect opens your email, but doesn’t click on the link in that email, send a followup.

The opportunities are endless when it comes to saving time and making your tracking actionable with ScopeLeads.

Track email no matter which platform
you send through

With our world-class deliverability rates, you’ll never have to worry about your domain’s reputation or landing in the spam box again.

Our built-in Spam Score tool will help you improve your emails, and give you the option to send tests before you send the real thing.

You can also be rest assured you’re not going over any limits with our built-in scheduling and daily limiter functions.

Clear and Beautiful Reporting

Dive deeper into the data by choosing a date range and understanding trends via charts. Make critical decisions on how you’ve been performing and how to improve your emails. Without the data, you’re in the dark.

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improving your cold email efforts.