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Introducing the Best Mail Merge for Gmail
(Or Any Email Service You Use)

Prepare your CSV, and send mass personalized emails in seconds.

Automatically Enrich Your Leads

Don’t just upload a list of email leads and pray for the best. Take mail merge to the next level with our automatic lead enrichment. If you have the prospect’s website, we will automatically find other contacts, more email addresses associated with the domain, and all of the other contact info that ScopeLeads already gets.

Super Personalized

Upload a variety of fields along with the email, like addresses, phone numbers, names, and much more. You can then use them within your email to make it super personalized to the prospect so they don’t know it was sent in bulk.

Use the handy merge fields in the email creation stage and they will be replaced with the data you uploaded (or we found) for that contact.

Track All Your Cold Email Stats

We built our mail merge solution with salespeople in mind. The most important part of sending a mail merge for sales is to know your numbers and be able to improve them. With our beautiful dashboards and email reports, you can do just that. See when your emails were opened, which ones bounced,
and your reply rate.

Followup Automatically

Some contacts didn’t open or respond to your first email? ScopeLeads (Pro plan) will automatically followup with another email based on any condition you choose. Get more responses, close more sales. That’s how mail merge should be.

Send Safely With Your Current Email Service (In Bulk)

It doesn’t matter which email service you use, you can send your mail merge through G Suite, Gmail, Outlook, Office365, Exchange, or any host’s webmail service.

Upload up to 1000 emails in your CSV and blast them all at once (while being mindful of your service’s limits). Never worry about landing in the spam folder for bulk mailing again.

110,000,000 leads found

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Say Goodbye to Clunky Sheets and Browser Plugins

Most mail merge solutions for Gmail or G Suite make you upload your contacts to Google Sheets, install a browser plugin, and then do a bunch of custom work back in Gmail. Following up is a headache to manage and clunky.

Do everything rapidly in the cloud with ScopeLeads in just a few clicks.