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Improve Your Reply Rate with Automated Email Follow Up

Create a Smart Sequence of follow-up emails that only send if your lead
doesn’t reply, click a link, or open your first email.

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Significantly Increase Sales With
Automated Follow Up Emails

The most important part of an email is actually getting a reply to start the dialogue! Statistics show that if a recipient does not reply within the first 24 hours, they are very likely not to, unless a follow-up email is sent. The followup could be a simple reminder to look at your previous email if they were busy and forgot, to bump up the previous email to the top of their inbox, or to start a completely new email thread.

Completely Customize Your Cold
Email Follow Ups

One reason prospects don’t respond to emails is because they think they are mass-sent. With ScopeLeads you can use deep levels of personalization within your cold emails and within a drip sequence.

Choose to reply to your recipient in the same thread, or start a new one. Set the reply to be condition based – only send the next message if the recipient clicked or didn’t click on a link in the email, opened or didn’t open the email, or didn’t reply to the email.

You can even choose how many days in between each email follow-up there should be, with a custom number set for each one.

Protect Your Reputation and Avoid Spam

With our world-class deliverability rates, you’ll never have to worry about your domain’s reputation or landing in the spam box again.

Our built-in Spam Score tool will help you improve your emails, and give you the option to send tests before you send the real thing.

You can also be rest assured you’re not going over any limits with our built-in scheduling and daily limiter functions.

Drip Sequences Through Any Email

Whether your business email account is setup on Gmail, G Suite, Outlook, or Office365, Exchange, or any webmail service, ScopeLeads can safely connect and send the next email in the sequence on your behalf.

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The Only Cold Email Followup Tool You Need.

It’s crucial to automate follow up emails because it is a completely unscalable process. If you send 50 emails today, that means you need to send a new 50 tomorrow + 30-45 follow-ups to the recipients from yesterday.

It soon becomes impossible to keep up with all the manual work, not to mention managing and tracking all of it. Let our email followup software do it all for you.