5 Clever Ways to Use ScopeLeads That It WASN'T Made For
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5 Clever Ways to Use ScopeLeads That It WASN’T Made For

To kickoff the new website and blog, I thought I’d do a unique post that was inspired when I took over the support desk a few months back.

The amount of interesting, quacky, and flat out weird things I realized our customers were using the app for had me laughing and honestly impressed by their creativity.

This isn’t just about our unique users (like a blind-yes you read that right- digital marketer), but about the services they provide and how you can get inspired and learn from them too.

So besides for the obvious “generating leads” and “cold emails”, here are some really interesting use cases for the app that may even increase your bottom line. 

The Personal Angle AKA The Michael Bublé Cover Artist

It makes sense to use an outreach tool for yourself and your own business. Like testing your emails, promoting your blog, trying to gain backlinks or guest posts.

But what if you have a personal service? Meaning you yourself are the service you offer.

That’s what happened when we came across a tribute artist for Michael Bublé that wanted to book gigs with restaurants, golf clubs, etc.

This had me completely floored as I always thought of local marketing or B2B being done for other businesses, not for your own business selling the service directly. Not only that, but the fact that it was something as cool as a cover artist.

Also, he’s really, really good:

The bottom line is: as long as the businesses you want to reach are local, you can use ScopeLeads to sell just about anything (repairman, clown, magician, etc).

Cold Emailing For Your Clients as a Service

We get asked a lot if ScopeLeads is white-label-able, and the answer of course is no. While you could refer it to your clients to use, it would probably be wiser to use it on their behalf and charge them for it.

Different things you can do with this:

  • Build up hype or local PR about a new product, service, or business location
  • Guest post outreach for blogs in the same niche
  • Directly selling their product or service on their behalf
  • Building local (or non local) businesses as affiliate partners
  • General cold emailing to generate demos or sales calls

One of the most unique uses I’ve personally heard is of a marketer who was cold emailing businesses on behalf of a carpet company, selling them directly. Gotta love it!

Selling the Generated Leads to Clients

This was definitely not meant to happen, but all the Leads and data you generate in the app is yours to do what you’d like.

That means you can export a CSV of any Search for any niche in any city, and sell that list to a potential buyer.

The buyer could be your client who wants to build physical address (and email) lists of businesses in their area, or even another marketer who wants to save time prospecting and doesn’t want to sit there building a list manually in Excel.

This could be considered PPL (Pay Per Lead), but if you are selling Leads that are warm and respond to your outreach, that would probably fall in the previous category.

Either way, this is totally allowed and while not recommended, you could make some decent cash doing this as a side gig.

Market Research AKA How I Found My Dentist

When we were first building the app, we had to test it’s emailing features constantly.

But we also didn’t want to spam people (potentially over and over again), so we had to think of unique approaches in our email.

The best thing we could think of was to email local businesses pretending to be a potential customer and ask them for prices.

Why? Because while receiving cold emails and being sold to may not be fun sometimes, receiving an incoming lead asking for prices is something businesses would never ignore. It generated us a lot of opens, and of course replies too.

We emailed dog trainers, dentists, computer shops, and more.

Actually, I ended up going in for a consult with one of the dentists that responded and they’re now my dentist.

I’ll never forget sitting in that dentist chair:

“So Lior, how did you find us?”

“Well I created this software to find local businesses lacking in SEO and I emailed all the ones in Toronto, and you’re one of the ones that responded fast and had good prices, so I decided why not.”

This lead me to thinking of all the market research that could be done with ScopeLeads before you start a business or before launching a new product.

For example, a popular practice before building a B2B software company is to cold email businesses that would be your target, ideal client, and ask them what their biggest pain points are. Once you learn from them, you can start building a software solution that solves their problem and then even get them to pre-pay for an account which can fund your development.

ScopeLeads is the perfect tool for this because of it’s ability to generate lists of local businesses instantly and the outreach capabilities.

Facebook Custom Audiences

For those familiar with Facebook advertising, you know how powerful Custom Audiences are. These are highly targeted or specified lists of Facebook users that you are able to target your ads to. They can come from your site’s traffic, or even customer lists.

Since ScopeLeads provides the emails of leads found (duh), that means you can technically upload this list to Facebook as a Custom Audience to make your ads more targeted.

For example, let’s say you wanted to run ads to local plumbers to sell them your digital marketing services. You could run several searches for plumbers in different cities, combine them in a CSV, upload them to Facebook, and run your highly targeted and properly-worded ads to plumbers that are matched by email with users on Facebook. Neat, right?

What clever ways do you use ScopeLeads or can see it being used?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below and if you want to try the app out for yourself, feel free to learn more by browsing the site!

Lior Ohayon

Founder and CEO of ScopeLeads, Lior dabbles with cold emailing once in a while but mostly spends time writing about himself in third-person.

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